About me

 Michel Sfez, photographer, silver gelatin and digital printer.

Michel Sfez was born in Paris in 1951. As a photographer, he is keen on observing the world that surrounds him. He looks at beings, places and things with a respectful and benevolent eye. Because he is in close touch with life, his pictures makes them visible to us, straightforwardly and without any staging or artifice. Fragments of reality which equally combine plasticity and narration, appearance with substance. He carries through the entire photographic act and does his own silver gelatin printing. Both uncompromising as to their quality and faithful to the negative, always represented in its entirety.

Text and photography © Isabelle Goux


Since 2022, member of Saif images
Society of Authors of Visual Arts and Fixed Image

       1982 Printer for the professional labs Pictorial, Publimod’ Photo



       1994 Personal printer for M. Christian Larrieu, official photographer of the Louvre Museum.

Christian Larrieu

1989-1993 and 2016-2022 Photographer at the Rapho agency

Réf 64/15


       1988-1993 Twice winner of the ILFORD Jury Black and White Contest

       1986 Second prize in the Nikon International Photo Contest



       2014-2015 Galerie Chrystel Anthéo 24220 Meyrals

« Sous le ciel de Paris » (« Under the Paris sky »)

Montmartre 75018 Paris Septembre 1986

       2005 Galerie Pierre Léotard 75011 Paris  « Bars »

       1994 Alliance française Rio de Janeiro Brazil   « Paris instantanés » (« Paris snapshots »)

       1992 Maison de la Villette 75019 Paris    « Belleville Belleville » with Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis…

       1991-1994 Galerie Hartbye’s Isle Saint Louis 75004 Paris « Atmosphere Atmosphere »

« Paris »

« Voir jusqu’à plus soif »   (« Seeing to the limit »)

« Paris au ras des murs » (« Paris along the walls »)


Réf 1212/9


       1994 Self publication of the book « Paris pour toujours… » « Paris forever » 95 black & white photographs of Paris, from 1979 to 1987. Printed in duotone and published in 1,000 copies.

Réf 1270/20Traduction de Anne Gaessler

© Michel Sfez – All rights reserved

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